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EUR 2.34

Pakketeip 3M Scotch, 50mmx66m, pruun

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EUR 2.45

Pakketeip 3M Scotch, 50mmx66m, läbipaistev

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EUR 0.67

Pakketeip, 48mmх66m, läbipaistev

EUR 1.16

Pakketeip Forpus, 50mmx60m, 40 mic., pruun

EUR 1.16

Pakketeip Forpus, 50mmx60m, 40 mic., läbipaistev

EUR 1.79

Paperi kleeplint maalijad 30mmx50m, t 60-80 C, kollane

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EUR 1.54

Pakketeip, 76mmх66m, läbipaistev

EUR 2.93

Paberi pakkendkleeplint 50mm х 50m, SO, pruun

EUR 1.50

Pakketeip low-noise, 48 mm x 66 m, läbipaistev

EUR 1.86

Pakketeip low-noise, 50 mm x 66 m, 32 my, PP, pruun

EUR 6.59

Insulation tape with reinforcement 5 cm x 40 m, aluminum

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EUR 1.76

Maalriteip 50 mm x 48 m, valge

EUR 2.02

Tape 3M Scotch Storage Low-noise packing tape, brown, 50mmx66m + GIFT! Buy 18 pcs and receive a gift!

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